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Flavors Currently Available:
 Fresh Garlic Dill – A well-known classic. Made with fresh dill and garlic...and that’s it! Also available as Fresh Garlic Chips!  
Jalapeño Onion – Replace the green pepper with the Jalapeño and a new flavor is created. Slightly spicy while maintaining the freshness. 
All Pepper Dill – Now this one has flavor! Combining Habanero, Jalapeño, Caribe, and Fresno peppers, this pickle offers a unique and refreshing flavor with a kick. Don’t be scared, it’s not as hot as it sounds!  
Habanero Dill – Looking for some heat? Our classic garlic dill with the added flavor of the habanero pepper. Watch out! This one bites back and likes to hang around.
Spiced Carolina Reaper - These pickles are about as hot as it gets!  No other pickle delivers the level of fresh flavor and unbridled spiciness that these Carolina Reaper Spiced pickles pack!   Warning:  These pickles are unBEARably HOT!  Like eyes watering, face-melting, might regret this decision HOT!  You have been warned...