About Us

Hello and welcome to PickleBear!!

We are a fun-loving couple living in the mountains of Colorado.   

A few years ago, we were looking for a hobby that we could enjoy together.  We happened upon a YouTube video of someone making the most delicious looking Bread and Butter pickles!  So we decided to give it a shot.

From a small apartment in Englewood, CO, we began to experiment with different flavors and recipes.  We bought a large bookshelf and started filling it with jars of new and exciting flavor combinations. 

We never thought our hobby would turn into a business until we started gifting our jars to friends and family.  When they started calling asking for more we knew we had started something good!  

Thus, PickleBear was born.

You might ask, why the name PickleBear?
A few years ago, we found a Christmas ornament at a small country store that depicted a little bear holding a pickle, reminiscent of the German tradition of hiding a pickle in a Christmas tree.
We started to call the ornament our PickleBear. 
Fast forward to when we happened to be starting a pickle company and the name chose itself organically.
We love experimenting with our flavors to make new and unique products and we love meeting new people in our community so that we can share our creations, experiences and passion for homemade products! 
In our spare time, we enjoy being outdoors and spending time with our animals.  We embark on frequent road-trips as well as producing vlog style content documenting our adventures.
We hope you love our products just as much as we do!  We continually strive to bring you only the best Colorado local spicy pickles!