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PickleBear Flavorful Colorado Value Pack - ALL 5 FLAVORS


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PickleBear Flavorful Colorado Value Pack - ALL 5 FLAVORS - PickleBear - Colorado Pickles
Introducing the PickleBear 'Flavorful Colorado' Value Pack
This is the big daddy!  All of the most delicious, bestselling PickleBear recipes in one package delivered straight to your door!
This pack of delicious Colorado local pickles comes complete with ALL 5 of our amazing best selling pickle spear recipes:

(1X) Fresh Garlic Dill 24oz - Fresh flavor without the heat.  Perfect for most occasions. No Spice Level.

(1X) Jalapeno Onion 24oz - Mild spice with a robust black peppercorn flavor make this the ideal sandwich spear!  Mild to Medium Spice Level.

(1X) All Pepper Dill 24oz - The hands down perfect spicy Bloody Mary pickle.  Four different spicy peppers in one recipe!  Medium to HOT Spice Level. 

(1X) Habanero Dill 24oz - This is as hot as they come without reaching into the superhot category!  The flavor of fresh dill and garlic are the only thing saving you from the onslaught of spiciness that comes from the fresh habanero peppers.  Not for the faint of heart!  HOT Spice Level!!

 (1X) Spiced Carolina Reaper 24oz - The spiciest pickle you have likely ever eaten!  Fresh Carolina Reaper peppers provide the heat while our tried and true PickleBear spice mixture brings the flavor.  THESE ARE SUPER HOT!  LIKE FACE-MELTING HOT!  You have been warned!  Un-BEAR-ably HOT!!!

These pickles are guaranteed to be fresh, flavorful and delivered right to your door! 

We hope you love our crunchy delectable pickles just as much as we do! 


Order your own PickleBear 'Flavorful Colorado' Value Pack today!!  

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